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We can date back  the first Montaraz people (Montaraz means Guardian, Ranger) activities in the world to the autumn of 1988 when, for many life changes, they were in charge of producing Scots Pine seeds in the Yeste Forest, Albacete. Passionate and tenacious, like every Montaraz people have to be, they picked, selected, extracted and cleaned 700 kg of first quality seeds.

But they didn't teach a lesson of this great experience, and the following winter, they launched again in the natural environment, but this time in the Serrania of Cuenca mountains. And then they started having investigator preoccupations: they not only selected the best wood quality of Scots Pine, but they also realised, with the INIA collaboration, a seed production performance's study.

After these short incursions in the seeds' world, the first Spanish Company specialised in seeds forest production was eventually established, on February 7th 1990, known as Montaraz KTK, S.L.

But the first question that comes up it: what does "Montaraz" mean? According to the books a Montaraz means: people whose job is to protect and watch over a section of forest or land and who have been raised in the countryside, mountains, etc... also applied to describe a rough and wild temper.

Very quickly, this name was heard for the various public and private professions. The firm started to collaborate with the Genetic Material Service of the former ICONA , in the National Plan of Pinekind Genetic Improvement.
And soon, the client list was completed by other public organizations, and by the few private nurseries who existed in the market at that time.

In 1995, with the aim of giving bigger economic resources to the business, Semillas Montaraz, S.A. was set up and they maintained the activity of forestry consultancy in the Montaraz Ktk firm. In Torremocha de Jarama, Madrid, a plant of seeds production was designed and created.

When we started the activity, we didn't know that thousands of hectares would be reforested thanks to the PAC subventions, they were no forestry plans and we hadn't foresee the private nurseries proliferation that, some years later, the forestry sector would experiment. But we always bet on the principle of the quality of forestry seeds production, thinking ahead the future.
In fact, we were the first to collect and certify Beech seeds selection, to certify seeds for the OECD system, to introduce the forestry species labelling system 3 years before the Spanish norm was published. We were the first to certify recollections in Aragon Community, Castilla-La Mancha, etc..., breaking new ground!

With more than 15 years producing seeds, we feel proud to have done our bit in Spanish mounts reforestation and in restoration of degraded areas. More than 800 millions of forest trees have been produced with our seeds, without speaking of innumerable quantity of autochthonous plants, ornamental trees and shrubs.

Thanks to effort, services and quality that render Semillas Montaraz, the company is known and recognized in Spain as well as abroad, as the first Spanish tree seeds company.